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A Mystery Solved

Many mysteries wash up on the beach. A little over a year ago, I found a message in a bottle with a cryptic love note curled up inside, and on a foggy morning in April, I was surprised to discover a … Continue reading

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Short-Sighted Optics

For several years, I have been regularly walking on the same stretch of beach in Northern San Diego County. I know it well by now, but even so, each time I am there it feels like a different place. The … Continue reading

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On the Horizon—The Bay Model Exhibit

As I walk along the beach in Carlsbad, California, I collect and document litter that has washed up with the waves, was swept out with the run-off, or has been left behind by beach-goers. Many aspects of modern culture are … Continue reading

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What Will You Do?

I have known about the problem of plastic pollution for a long time. Many years ago, my sister and her husband made me aware of the issue through their art. Judith and Richard Selby Lang collect plastic refuse from Kehoe … Continue reading

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Many Ways to See

For me, SDAWP Photo Voices is all about noticing as much as possible. If I miss seeing something, I might miss an opportunity to take an interesting photograph. Once an object catches my eye, I look at it from all … Continue reading

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Bottle Walk

The learning walk that I planned to take at the beach turned into a bottle walk — many single-use plastic bottles littered the shoreline all along my way. I gathered up at least sixteen bottles in less than an hour … Continue reading

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Inspired by SDAWP Voices

I have faithfully participated in the SDAWP Photo Voices project since it’s inception on New Year’s Day. In fact, I don’t think I have missed a post since we began on January 1, 2013. I am pretty sure that this … Continue reading

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